HAPPY 2017

Wishing you guys a wonderful, joyful and successful  happy new year 2017 ?  (Photo by @nois7)



In 2017, try to do everything with love. Find a cause you believe in and volunteer, read a book you’re interested in that will take you out of your comfort zone, listen to different types of music. Don’t get stuck in the same old things, change, evolve, travel, work in multiple projects, dye your hair, learn, live– instead of only being alive– and last but not least: LOVE.

If we love and we focus in understanding, we’ll become better, we’ll be closer to those around us, and be more conscious and empathetic human beings. Maybe corruption will decrease, crime will go down, and bigotry, racism, and prejudice will stop, if we change our thinking from ‘Me, me, me’ to ‘me, you, and them’.

I will try my best to do everything with love in the new year; get up each day being grateful that I’m luckier that many others in this world. I encourage you to be courageous and do so as well. Maybe we’ll start noticing the change sooner rather than later and make this world a better place. ❤

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