If you want to be like Homer in the mirror, go challenge yourself with my fitness challenge workout. Feel free to enjoy and work out.



Focus: Full Body Type: Strength & Tone Tip: Use 8kg – 12kg  dumbbells.

If you have some dumbbells handy then add Power Row and you have yourself a total body strength workout that will make you feel like you’ve totally worked hard. Overall strength always helps improve athletic performance and with practically every muscle group targeted this is a program for building that overall strength you need to help boost your performance.



Focus: Cardiovascular System & Aerobic Performance Type: High Burn Streamline Tip: 1 minute rest between sets.

Cardio workouts are easy to understand: make large muscle groups work hard for a while and not only do you have a workout that begins to raise body temperature, getting you into the sweat zone fast, but you also have a workout that begins to make excessive demands on the lungs. And that’s where all the magic that streamlines your body and gives you a strong, lithe look, happens. The Cardio Beast workout delivers.



Focus: Abdominal Muscles Type: Abs & Core Tip: Keep the plank throughout.

The core is one of the hardest muscle groups of the abdominal group to train. It requires specific exercises, sustained work and an approach that takes into account how this critical muscle group functions when the body is in action. This is why Active Plank uses a series of static and active exercises to load the core and abs for that athletic-performance enhancing workout you’ve been looking for.



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