Your unconscious mind runs on an automatic pilot mode almost all day whereas your conscious mind only provides a small percentage of cognitive activity throughout the day. That means your unconscious mind is pretty powerful and it affects the choices you make and the emotions you experience. Most thoughts just happen without any planning. You simply think. And because your thoughts come naturally to you, you view them as YOU. You identify so strongly with your thoughts that you don’t realize they are actually separate from you. You are you. Your thoughts are created in your mind. Notice the distinction there. And even though, you create your thoughts in your mind, they are still not you.

Taking this a step further, just because you think something. It doesn’t mean it is true. This might be scary to consider, but it’s actually liberating. At times, you might get carried away by your thoughts, causing you to feel fear, anxiety etc. In that moment, it’s important to take a step back and see yourself as separate from your thoughts. You are you. Your thoughts are simply thoughts. They may not even be true. The only thing that is true is that you are currently thinking of something distressing. When you can sit in the seat of consciousness, you are already in a better space, because you’ve separated yourself from the thought. Thoughts are wonderful. They help you internalize the experiences around you in the moments you are in them. However, when they start to distract you from the present moment and return you to the past or bring you to the future, they cause you to miss out on the beauty of life now. That is being mind FULL. The more we become consciously aware of how our mind works, the more we can adjust our thoughts and gently bring them to a conscious and aware state – then we become MINDFUL.

You become fully present with yourself and your surroundings. You are attuned to your thoughts and how you feel. You can exist in a moment and enjoy it without slipping away to somewhere else. It takes effort to be mindful but it gets easier with practice.

Life becomes more peaceful and joyful. You learn to truly live. 


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