Do you want …abs? Because that’s how you get abs. Combined with HIIT and your diet, the ab and core training will help you tone up and define your muscles. The power for kicking and punching, running acceleration and overall body strength comes from a better, stronger core. Abs are not just for show, they are your body’s natural armor.

Here’s the complete workout guys!

Ab workout


3:29 Vertical chair knee raise

6:15 Elbow plank for 1 minute

9:29 Bicycle crunch


4:03 Hanging knee raise

7:42 Side plank for 30 seconds

10:38 Reverse crunch on decline bench


4:32 Toe to bar

8:16 Roll out plank

13:29 Around the world

Core workout

Beginner: 15:31 Superman

Intermediate: 17:03 Goodmornings

Advanced: 17:45 45 hyperextension


My personal advice: 

Heavy compound lifts to build the core, Deadlift & Romanian Deadlift. Ab exercises to shape and help define the abs. Diet to make it all visible.




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