There will always be things in life that are beyond our control. If we tie our happiness to specific circumstances and rigid outcomes then whatever we can’t control becomes a source of stress and other unpleasant emotions. We’ve got to learn to release our ideal + go with the flow + find peace in the chaos + see the beauty in the mess. Because – there is beauty in accepting what is, appreciating that the world is in constant change, and believing that our role more than matters in this process. We strive to evolve, to adapt, to achieve more, and to accept at the same time.

♠ I relax, I let go, my life is in perfect flow ♠

This never means that we are giving up or throwing the towel. It just means that we are releasing old attachments that no longer serve us. Letting go of limiting beliefs is very liberating, because it can be quite heavy to hold onto certain mindsets that only hold us back. If we are open to something different, we can often attract something better. We can venture out onto new paths, meet new and interesting people, and discover ourselves in a way we never would have, had life turned out the way we expected to.

♠ I relax, I let go, my life is in perfect flow ♠

Often the deeper the pain, loss, or disappointment we experience, the deeper the growth that’s possible. All we have to do is give ourselves the room to grow and the space to receive what is really meant for us. Whatever is meant for us won’t pass us by. Every challenge we encounter has arrived for a reason. And – there is something so exciting and also calming about this process.

♠ I relax, I let go, my life is in perfect flow ♠

This is where we find joy and meet our higher selves! Things may not go the way we planned, but we understand intuitively that the universe is steering us in the direction we are supposed to go. We try to be more mindful and present, getting the most out of ourselves and our life. To be able to experience life as it is and ourselves as we are – in each moment – is to truly live!


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