Go challenge yourself with my fitness challenge workout. Feel free to enjoy and work out.


Focus: Full Body Type: High Burn Streamline

Veni, Vidi, Vici! is a high-speed, high-burn workout that takes the body’s mass and pushes it through its limits in a series of high/low exercises. One moment you’re on the floor doing climbers, the next moment you’re powering through High Knees. This is a time-based workout so it’s important to get the reps in and work really fast. Bring your knees to waist height during High Knees and bring them to your chest during Jump Knee Tucks. Maintain the rep numbers steady as you go from one set to the next.
Extra Credit: Hit the same number of burpees with jump knee tuck each time.
Focus: Full Body Type: High Burn Streamline Tip: 1 minute rest between sets.
If you have some handy barbells and they are heavy enough to challenge you The Gainer workout will help you get strong all over. Designed to b a full body strength workout The Gainer uses a set of six exercises to load every muscle group, inducing fatigue and forcing the kind of change in the muscle fiber that results in strength gains. Add EC and it becomes a real challenge as muscle recovery time is shortened.




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