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How wild is it that probably every version of you probably still exists, somewhere, in someone’s memory? The messy you, crying on the floor exists still in your mind. The happy, sun-soaked you, exists in your best friend’s memory. No part of us has died, all parts of us exist always, simultaneously and hidden.


We all look at the same sky but not with the same eyes


Today it is really easy to distract yourself and thus you can easily avoid the discomfort of having to be alone with your thoughts. You can fill empty moments of loneliness with smartphone entertainment and connect with people you don’t know in faraway places that surprisingly give you the impression of not being alone. But don’t cancel every date with your inner self. Dare to be alone with your thoughts, your feelings, visit them from time to time. Reflect. I encourage you to get to know yourself, meet your little voice 10 minutes a day by just being alone. World off, yourself on! Trust me, it’s powerful!

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