To be inspiring. What the fuck does it mean? Living a life that people want to obtain? Giving back? Telling a story? Showing up for others? Being selfless? There’s many ways a human can acquire or be inspiration. I believe it is based on opinion, experience and perception. Not only that, but it’s become somewhat of a stereotype. What one human says is inspiring could be idiotic for another. A lot of the times, I am in awe of how girls look up to my life, as I don’t post what I would consider “inspiring”. I love my body and I work hard so I don’t consider it bad that the majority wants bikini, lingerie & health. What I post is me, but a very small percentage. I understand the percentage of what I show is under my control, but I’m 20 years old, figuring this shit out as I go. You’d think we’d be passed the times of judging a humans insides based on their outsides. After all, we are sitting on a spinning pale blue dot in the middle of space that’s part of an infinitely larger galaxy. There are no rules.


Alexis Reneg

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