Apple Maps Knows Exactly Where You Parked Your Car

You made a mental note that you parked next to the red SUV with the “Jesus Loves You” bumper sticker. But dinner, a couple drinks and a movie later means you didn’t account for the SUV leaving the lot before you did. Not your best move. Good thing Apple Maps came up with a totally mindless solution so you never waste time searching for your vehicle again.

What you need: Apple Maps, plus the ability to access a Bluetooth connection in your car. (If you don’t know how to set this up, check your car’s manual first.)

What you do: Pair your phone to your Bluetooth, then go into your phone’s settings and make sure Location Services is turned on. (To activate, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services.) After that, double check that your phone is also set up to show your parked location. (Go to Settings > Map > Show Parked Location.)

OK, you’re parked. Now what? This is where the magic happens: Because your car’s Bluetooth connection automatically syncs with your phone, it automatically knows when you exit your car since it disconnects. (If you’re concerned it didn’t work, simply open up Apple Maps and tap the car icon to confirm your location.)

Ready to head home? Now all you gotta do is open up Apple Maps, tap the search field and the car icon. The path to your car should instantly appear.





Featured image by @GerrieVanDerWalt

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