I think about these things a lot. Why do we go to work? Does anyone seriously ponder ‘why we work’? Is waking up early, and rushing through traffic to get to the office day in and day out healthy? Is banging out TPS Reports the most important thing in your life? No sane person can survive for years on end in a passive aggressive corporate cubicle farm environment – so why do we do it? This kind of lifestyle is literally killing us. Obviously, paper money and that entire concept is used as a wedge of control against humanity, and that’s the basis upon its foundation. The economy that is the global standard is rigged in its entirety, to benefit the ruling class. We are essentially slaves kept on an endless treadmill, trading large chunks of our time, for meaningless tasks, just so we can afford basic necessities to survive – it’s the worst way to live. We are highly motivated people with a desire to better the world and create a fair society for all. This current way of life is not “fair” at all.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating laziness. What I’m saying is spending a lifetime in a job you hate isn’t doing your health any favors. Once trapped inside the corporate world you start to lose: your ambition, energy, curiosity (is anyone here forced to conform?), creativity, and overall zest for life! I don’t have the answers, but I believe people are starting to wake up to theses issues we see all around us. I dream of a society where people are treated fairly, everyone is free to do whatever they please, so long as they do not infringe on the liberties of others. We look out for each other, we can use substances we want to, and we can use 100% clean sustainable energy.

The economist John Maynard Keynes once wrote an essay titled “Economic Possibilities For Our Grandchildren.” It was 1930. And in the essay, he made a startling prediction. Keynes figured that by the time his children had grown up, basically now, people might be working just 15 hours a week. LINK

This post is not going to be necessarily deep or complex. It is just going to be about some thoughts that deeply trouble me as I start the work week. Sometimes I feel like I do not recognize the world I live in – of course, these are only generalizations.

More and more people need to take anti depressants just to be able to function in this society. That tells you where we are headed. Right off a cliff. People need to drop out of the rate race for their own well being.

  • People are exhausted but have no choice but to keep working and working more. Work for the sake of work is valued in our society. The other day I saw the cashier at Wal-Mart with the energy drink, and I felt for her. Rest and relaxation are becoming more of a rarity.

  • Good is only valued if it can be showed off on social media. Good has to be tied to a profit, or a celebrity, or a selfie. Do not forget that you should never feed the homeless on the streets though.

  • We are more “connected” than ever right? We can access others’ lives at anytime, but the human element is missing. Social media often creates envy and jealousy, not love and friendship. Every time I post about this, I get comments on how it is just a tool, and it is how we use it. However, I have to say that it is not only a tool when Facebook admits to purposely manipulating its users. It is not a tool for a 14 year old, waiting for 300 “likes” on the latest selfie. The problem is that balance of social media is not promoted, and now everything is connected to social media. There are countless studies on the negative aspects, yet they are mostly ignored. It is not *only a tool when we are the tools.

  • We spend endless amounts of money to go to college and get a degree, only to end up jobless and drowning in debt.

  • We are giving our youth the full power of adults before they even understand and know how to handle that power. From choosing their genders to getting phones in the 2nd grade, our kids are being treated as if they are…well…not children. Do our children have their childhoods anymore? Do they play outside? Or are they glued to their phone as soon as they get home from school? I am throwing a lot in here, but I do not envy this upcoming generation. (And yes I’m aware that things are changing to a more technical life)

  • Our food makes us sick, and even when people do have health insurance, it is still terrifying for most to go to the hospital, even in an emergency (mainly in the US). There is no denying that food is more processed than ever, and there is no denying that the health care system in America is a joke. This is NOT a conspiracy, really. People may have food, but that does not mean they have nutrition. Let us not forget for those who live healthily and do all the “right” things, cancer rates (among other diseases) are on the rise.

  • We hear all about love and breaking boundaries and barriers today, but doesn’t it feel superficial? It is so easy to preach about love, kindness, and compassion for others, but our actions always speak louder than our words.


  • Materialism, consumerism, and greed. What do people live for? Is there time to think about the existential questions of life, or is it more important to make sure our social media presence reflects how “happy” we are…Is there any depth in our daily lives? Or do we live through mindless celebrities? One of my favorite books is called “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, and I feel the title is quite fitting for this world. The constant stress to “keep up”, and the illusion of the American Dream or living the goodlife…are what we live for?


  • Mental illness and suicide are on the rise. Yet people have to hide their true feelings from the world. It is almost impossible to get “good” mental health care that is not atrociously expensive, even with “good” health insurance. More and more are suffering silently with anxiety and depression. Mental illness and suicide are on the rise among (not only) Americans.Isn’t crazy that this issue is just swept under the rug? People who have mental illness have to feel shame and do not get the proper care and attention they need. For many, suicide seems like the most viable option. But do not worry – one of your friends just posted a status about how great their life is on Facebook!

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Is it any wonder why our society has lost its moral compass? What values does this society uphold? What are we living for? Facebook, selfies, social media, narcissism? People separate themselves from the homeless, mentally ill, etc…thinking they are not “like them”. But I think we are all closer to the “brink” of suffering than we fully realize. Our society elevates people who objectively are morally corrupt and possibly mentally ill. Narcissists run companies and hold positions of power. We admire and respect the ruthless businessperson who tramples on everyone else on the way up and is then lauded as the epitome of success. Then we wonder why society is falling apart at the seams everywhere else.

Many may say I am ignoring the “good” in the world, or that I am being too serious. I disagree. I feel our society chooses to ignore the “bad”, and until a person is directly affected by something I mentioned in this post (or something I did not have time to mention), empathy for others is nonexistent.

Solace comes for me in the beauty of nature (which is continually being destroyed), the power of words (even if people are increasingly apathetic), and my relationships with others (though I find them harder to maintain as people, at least to me, are increasingly self-absorbed).

What are your thoughts?




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