What is the music of your life? Is filled with highs and lows, is it a one note, or is it a classical symphony-rock band-house music extravaganza? Do you always take the same road to work and have the same reaction when dealing with people? 

Since we were children we were introduced to routines that kept us on a path, which put us in a direction toward a desired outcome or goal. One that our family wanted for us based on their dreams and motivations, to see us as a functioning human being. Did they ever stop to ask “is that path for you?”

Since that time when you were a child, a lot has changed, and your ideals and desires have changed as well. However, there is one thing that still remains the same. That one thing is based in the way in which you approach your life and the way you walk your journey. You follow a routine, and you keep following it, and you really think the outcome will change? In order for change to happen, you have to change.

The law’s of cause and effect don’t ever change. If you do the same thing the same thing will happen. You do something different and something different will happen. So in saying that if your want life to be full of surprises then you have to be full of surprise. Change it up and keep changing it up, I always say. Be daring and exciting, where no one will know your reaction or be able to know what you will do next, not even you. Life is not meant to be boring and lifeless.

All you need is a spark of change, and the things you experience today will change dramatically. You get to everyday choose-your-own-adventure. Just like the book you used to read as a kid. The only difference is — it’s real, and you still get to change your mind or path if you’re not happy. Nothing is written in stone unless you want it to be. So have an adventurous life. Do things that will shock even you. Throw away your bucket list and do all the things you ever imagined now. Life is full of adventure — the path you take, is truly up to you. Enjoy and have fun!

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