“Describe to me what you see in yourself,” he said one day. “Well,“ she started, “I see blue eyes that could be brighter, brown hair that could be sleeker, a smile that could be straighter, skin that could be smoother, arms that could be stronger, fingers that could be thinner, legs that could be longer…” He stopped her mid-sentence.
“You want to know what I see? I see ocean-blue eyes that gleam with happiness, hazelnut hair with hints of honey, a smile that brightens cloudy days, skin that is slightly sprinkled with freckles, arms that are strong enough to comfort many, fingers that play beautiful music on the piano that also fit perfectly with mine, and legs that are the perfect length so that your head rests on my chest when I hug you.” She started to blush but he continued, “If you could see yourself through my eyes, maybe you’d realize how beautiful you truly are.”





Featured image by @henn_kim

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