I personally think that any kind of Entertainment is ment to keep you distracted from the real important things in life. That’s my opinion; for me the important things in life are Love, Relationships, Interaction with others, Solidarity, Nature, Spirituality, etc. This is my view of the world, we are here to learn Love. How can will learn Love if we are constantly being distracted by gadgets, internet, entertainment? Don’t worry about others or the planet, here put this VR helmet on and everything will be OK.


Calvin & Hobbes by Chris Watterson


I believe in the claim that we (the masses) are purposefully being divided in order to be easier to control, black vs. white, left vs. right and being “plugged in” prevents us from reaching the potential we have to reach out of our comfort zones and connect with each other and stop being divided.




Featured image by @henn_kim

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