Perfectionism. It sounds like an amazing trait to have; to be continuously driven, productive, and none other than appear to be ‘perfect’. However, this is often not the case. Perfectionism often leads one down a constant path of dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s achievements. Never feeling quite good enough, one with this trait may continue to work harder and harder until they reach burnout. Even at this point, one may still desperately try to push themselves onward at full speed, convinced that this is the only way they will be seen as a valuable individual.

If you find yourself being a Perfectionist, make a point of monitoring your stress levels. Ask yourself, ‘How are you doing?’ ‘Do you need a break?’ Take care of yourself. Achievement comes not before, but after your own health.

You are special. Loved. Cherished. Regardless of your achievements, you will always be valued, simply because you are who you are.

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