Many of us spend a majority of our time and energy in the prison of our mental narration. The mind is constantly analyzing, discriminating, labeling, judging, planning, reminiscing, fantasizing, and defining its experience. This happens because the mind consists of memory, of habits, and of information it has accumulated from the past. The mind compares what is new and unknown with what is old and known. It feels safe when it knows because then it has a sense of security and control. The mind fears the unknown for it cannot be controlled, predicted, defined, or conceptualized.

In silence, reality is as it is. It is ultimately unknowable. It is beyond language, beyond conceptualization, and beyond definition. The mind is afraid of silence, and will resist silence at any cost. You can notice this in your own mind as it disturbs any silent moment with some random thought to fill the void. The problem with allowing the mind to run on auto pilot is that it causes us to be trapped by its endless mental chatter, which distracts us from the reality of life happening within and around us. When we quiet the mind (which usually requires at least some amount of training) we are opened up to what is, and what is is beyond all conceptualization. It is not static, dead, and knowable. It is unknowable, for it is alive, it is always changing, always moving and transforming.

When you allow yourself to be in the silence, to flow with the change of life, and to trust the unknown, you open yourself to the whole of existence, instead of living confined to your individual mind-body. Life is beyond the mind, and the mind is a beautiful tool, but it is not meant to be your master. Allow the mind to quiet, so that you may be free of the suffering it creates and may find the peace and joy that comes from opening yourself up to what is.

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