It’s true that you really are your own worst critic.
Because it is only you that is able to see every little flaw that you may have.
You are the only one that hears each and every one of your thoughts.
It is you who can speak, say, and criticize yourself without anything being around to stop you from doing so.
Yet, you are the only one who is able to control your worst critic.
Instead of listening to words of shame, defeat, and failure, choose to listen to those of encouragment, self respect, and wisdom.
Choose to listen to your higher voice. Your biggest supporter. Your strongest nurturer.
You only deserve to hear the best from yourself; whether it’s to grow or to learn. So please, listen to your best self,
And banish your worst critic from your life.


ॐ ॐ 


Don’t let anything stand between you and where you’d like to go. Push passed all obstacles as you head towards the direction of your dreams. Even if you don’t know exactly where that may be, go where your heart leads you.




Featured image by @lifeof_riley

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