Problems arise when we forget who we are.
The consciousness behind our thoughts.
The being made of dust from a billion year old star.

But the path of love and creativity comes from finding your voice.
From making even the simplest of decisions a mindful choice.

Always keep your shadow in front of you where you can see it.
Make peace with the darkness in you.
And you’ll find clarity beneath the minds mist.

Like a phoenix rising you’ll be reborn into the light.
The strength of lessons learned laced into your wings as you take flight.




Faith isn’t blind trust around a specific philosophy or belief, but a deeper knowingness that the greatest teachers are found in the current moment we are experiencing in our everyday life. There is nothing to seek when we become fully immersed in the now. When we pay attention to what is in front of us, free of all expectation, life reveals a new side of itself. It shows us the lesson we need in order to reveal the deeper, inner dimensions of who we truly are. Do not worry if you’re on the right path or not. The path is always underneath each step we take, and it’s the unexpected nature of life that makes it all the more interesting. We are capsules of eternity, operating in a world of infinite possibility.

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