But do we ever truly grow up? 📚 Time is just an illusion created within ourselves. There are no limits beyond the constructs of our minds. The past is just a story we tell ourselves, the future is merely a projection of what we wish to be. All we truly ever have is the here and now. Even in the most vast storms of our own thoughts, we hold the power to sail to infinite possible destinations. There will always be safe passage within our endless imagination. All we must do is dare to believe in the power of our dreams 🎨✨




“We’re already complete, it’s just realising we’re complete.”

“I’m consciousness, that is shaped as a human being.”

“A wave is not in the ocean, it is the ocean. We’re not waves, we’re the ocean.”




1. Make a list of things that make you happy.
2. Make a list of things you do everyday.
3. Compare the lists.
4. Adjust accordingly ✨

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