It is no longer helpful to dwell on things that could be less than positive for yourself or others. Wherever you place your thoughts will begin to shape the energy into the form of your thoughts, especially if they are accompanied by strong emotions. It is important to continue to put your intention into practice until it becomes a habit. The more you do this, the stronger it will become. You will have applied the light and power of setting an intention and strengthening it with focus and resolve. Everything that you say and do will now be guided by the love in your heart and this is the only thing that can help you forward now. The love in your heart is the key that makes the door open up to the new world of peace and love that is now available to you whenever you decide to enter into it.



Be aware, as you go through your day, of the vibration generated by each thought, word or deed. Learn to recognize that which expands your energy, and that which collapses it. Give yourself permission to feel again and to rediscover the heart’s vibration.  Where you are now, behind your veil for most of you, your fears often feel like they will cause your heart to stop, or will make it beat faster. It is the mind’s role to learn and analyze. It is the heart’s role to choose and do. Hearts connect, while minds separate.



There is much evidence of God and of the supernatural in every corner one wishes to look but one must have eyes to see what one is looking at. There is an intelligent creator of life and there is purpose. Each soul mirrors the one pure source which is intelligence and is creation.



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