In the darkness of our imagination lies the haunting fear of death we’ve created in our own minds. But also in our imagination is our ability to search and find the light to shine onto the reasons why we have our negative emotions and why they’re hiding within our own mind. We’re the observer of our own thoughts and feelings. We’re the masters of our lives and the amount of love and joy we have in it. Only ourselves have the power to turn the darkness and fear into light and love. There is always love in the notion of fear. Fear is just the feeling of the ego being scared to no longer exist. We’re not our ego. We are all the infinitely expanding light within the creation of the cosmos. There is no such thing as darkness. Darkness by definition is just the absence of light. And by knowing all that, we get to be only light. And by being only light, there is no such thing as darkness, no such thing as fear, and no such thing as death. There is only life and love within the lights of our being. And for that reason, we get to choose to smile each and everyday. For there is truly no reason for us not to. May we all experience a new year filled with love, happiness, and gratitude.



When we look in the mirror, what is it we see? What exists other than beauty? We are love inhabited within a physical form. We’re heaven on earth. We’re the water inside our being, we’re the trees who’s oxygen we breath, we’re the wind in the air, and we’re the birds in the sky. Fear is just a notion. Death is just the ego’s fear of not existing. But what is existence? We are nothing. We are the conscious observer inside our own minds. By surrendering our ego, and being nothing, we allow ourselves to be everything. We are time. We are the projections within our eyes. We see and perceive exactly what we think and feel. Choose to feel happiness, choose to feel only love. Know the strength within every molecule inside this body. We’re our dreams. We’re everything good we’ve ever thought, seen, and felt. All that exists is now. Continue to be that of divine imagination. Cause why would we want to be anything other?



Every morning when you wake up, before opening your eyes, ask the universe: What do I want to be? Then rise up, and follow your heart with every decision you make. Do this every day, and you’ll be exactly the person you’ve always dreamed of. I hope everyone is having a life full of love.

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