Reality check!

We all have a “calling” in life! & that word is not as scary as it seems! Let’s look at it this way… Your good at something.

We all are. A lot of us give up on that calling/passion because we lack vision [drive]. I heard a few people say “Vision makes the pain worth it”…they are right! The pain of not succeeding right away, the pain of failing time and time again, but getting back up.

We are in such a “fast food” type generation, we are forgetting what it means to “sow” – water, nurture, wait – then reap. You know that thing you can’t stop thinking about doing? The one you run to after school/work to do? A lot of times your passion has been put into a box by others labeled as a “hobby”? People will put your passion/dream down because it’s not “realistic?” Go tell these people to take a hike! You can be what you want to be!! Stop worrying about other people’s opinions. At the end of the day you are your own person! Those opinionated people don’t control the brain on your head! Listen and make your own decisions!

What you’ve had on your heart to do, is your calling, it’s as simple as that. Doctor, artist, creator, actor, finance major, it doesn’t matter.
Realize your calling, follow the vision, tell all the haters to back off. It’s your choice to win or to fail.
Will you Win or will you Fail? #iChooseToWin

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