We – as humans – have a distinct genetic makeup that goes beyond cells and molecular biology. Unique characteristics that, when stirred together, create this very special cocktail defined as an individual’s ‘Personality.’ It quite strongly shapes who we are. What we endeavor upon. How we view ourselves. How others view us.

Taking a bulleted approach: I am a life enthusiast. A Netflix documentary binger. A gym rat. I’m obsessed with cars and a soon to be hobby race driver. A free-minded individual. An obsessive studier of human behavior. I run on copious amounts vegan food and herbal tea. I am constantly moving forward. Constantly looking for new ways to express the inner ‘Creative’ in me. Constantly looking to share with anyone who will listen.

With these pieces in mind, blogging feels written in my DNA. Life Of LeBraun allows me a space to unapologetically frame the countless things I love – creatively driven philisophy content – lifestyle – cars – noteworthy food + drink features (soon)– travel inspirations + more. Cheers to that.